Working with us

We have a very special way to organize workflows in our company and to get along with each other. That is how we achieve to be efficient while still enjoying our work.
Who we are and how we work.

Our team is blessed with a relaxed working environment, which comes from a flexible individual daily schedule and a lack of complex, rigid hierarchies. When it comes to work, we believe that it is the quality that matters and not the quantity. We support our employees in their further professional development and we are constantly trying to promote a lively, healthy interest for new things.

We hold the view that learning is a life-long process and that one needs variety and diversification to stay motivated. It is thus not surprising that the work of each of us covers sometimes diverse and alternating topics. Although our core qualifications were acquired in the field of statistics and scientific image processing, we gave life to the project. We have never done a webshop before, a workflow management system even less so. But we tried it, and we succeeded.

Who are we looking for, then?

We are searching for people who would naturally fit into our team and who share our philosophy. This means: you should be self-reflective, eager to learn and able to take criticism. "I can't do this" is not relevant, what matters is "I can learn it". We always give creative ideas an open-hearted welcome. When it comes to implementing them though, what matters are logical arguments. When doing this, relevant issues may be discussed in thorough detail. When an idea proves itself to valuable and realistic, it will also be implemented.

So who, exactly?

On the first line, of course somebody with the appropiate qualifications. But that is not all: we don't care about your age, sex or origin - even when talking about a training program (Ausbildung). It might seem somehow self-evident, but we actually take it very seriously! What we really care about are the points mentioned above. In our view, academic titles or certificates alone don't recommend somebody for the job. If the relevant qualifications are missing, then our team would not be the right place for that person. Our interviews will also follow this line: we will test your professional qualifications and ability to fit in our team. In a case of an apprenticeship, the personal ability to accomodate into our team prevails over the professional qualifications.


We seek for a computational scientist [ or similar studies (engeneering, physics, mathematics) ] or experienced programmer for the conception and implementation of software for various purposes.

Who exactly?

We are looking for a person that fits in our team and shares our philosophy. That includes the ability to accept criticism, dedication, willingness and ability to learn new things and real passion for informatics. We search for someone with a long experience in software development, including skills in at least one of the following fields:

Delphi (ideally XE) or C++ Builder
PHP / Linux / MySQL / Javascript
Skills in stochastics and statistics are appreciated. Nonetheless, the willingness and ability to learn and improve oneself is far more important to us. Please hand in applications only via EMail to malcolm.einhellingerbei/ Printed applications will not be taken into consideration and only sent back on request.

We are looking forward to your application!