Project planning and consulting

Project planning

A proper and up to date project planning is a steady recurring task. We assist you during the entire project – from the very idea, in the concept and design phase to implementation and testing.

Long term rewarding products due to a wise planning.


The development of software strategies seems to be easy and obvious. But major demands define future profits and rewards of your investment. Our plans are robust and independent as much as possible from future uncertainties.

Structural modifications
Modifications in work sequences or organisation structures are always compatible with our origin product.
We consider the availability of and compatibility with future hardware.
We employ long-term usability concepts which appear still modern for many years. This time-less approach is particularly important as new hardware steadily enters the market. For instance, tablets today are used quite differently compared to previously common desktop computers.
Data security
Since 128-bit data encryption was previously ranked among sufficient encryption standards, it offers no longer sufficient security today. We ensure long-term data security with farsightedly chosen algorithms.
Export and migration
The construction of our interfaces between software and databases ensures export and migration even when the support of the used database expires.
Our sever system are scalable and modular build. In this way, we prevent our customers from costly breakdowns.

Safety and stability

Software development and data management involves a series of important key areas like usability, networking and high availability. Our company specialized in building safe and stable solutions since these core characteristics gain more and more importance today, but are often and steadily neglected at the same time.
Resulting cost-intensive failures are avoidable  wether it be data losses, non-scalable systems or security breaches which result in shrinking trust by customers. Confidence and trust will remain weak even for a long time, if sensitive data falls in unauthorized hands. Interestingly, this affects more the relations to companies than to end customers. But in this field too, a lax approach to data security may injury the own reputation or trigger fines. Our staff includes experts in the data security field and they will be more than happy to assist you preventing unfavorable security issues.


Our staff members are experts in software development. Their work is based on extensive knowledge and cutting-edge expertise and they are able to assist you finding solutions even for complex tasks. Therefore, we offer our assistance and suggestions for free and charge only for successful implemented solutions. Read more about our range of services and products here: