Industrial and scientific software

The special demands in science, industrial research and automation require a distinct kind of programming and hardware design explecitely concerning reliabilty and precision. We develop comprehensive solutions for process controlling, metrology and analysis processes from sensors and other hardware to the appropriate software. Our attention is focused on the compliance with very high standards needed in metrology and automation.


Our business area in sequence planning and automation contains different sections. We build customized concepts, hardware, software as well as controls for industrial production and scientific analysis. Our main customers are clients from industry and science who need systems for workflow controlling and analysis with the main focus on software. Additionally, we are specialized in processes involving a high amount of human resources in which we acquired long-term experiences and studied the behaviour of its clients. Automation processes in productions are created in collaboration with reliable partners.


We support companies and universities to improve efficiency and performance in the daily research routine with workshops and seminars for carefully picked topics. Due to our background in theoratical/numerical and experimental physics as well as informatics and engineering we bridge the gap between requirements in metrology and automation, computer-aided data analysis, and process planning and controlling.


Our product range in the simulation department contains statistical and physical simulations with a technological background. Furthermore, we are specialized in the simulation of complex networks. We build models, implement highly optimized simulation tools and integrate them in sequencing and control systems.

Secure data sharing

With the present evolution of networking, secure data sharing gains increasing importance. Security measures protect companies from data losses, interception and abuse. We offer custom-made software and server solutions which enable team members to share data securely, easily and globally. We assist you during the integration in your existing computer system.

Acceleration of analysis processes

Our experiences in process automation and complex algorithms provide us with the appropriate skills for evaluating analysis processes. We provide assistance to speed up analysis processes and help you keeping your focus on the major responsibilities of your work.

Data synchronisation

While working on test benches, data constraints are often read and stored by dataloggers. Further analysis becomes much easier, if the constraints are synchronized with the main measurement data points. We gained extensive skills during our work in exerimental physics and we offer assistance on this important data analysis step.