Our team

Alex Cojuhovschi

Project Manager / Developer / Physicist

Hello, I am Alex Cojuhovschi, one of the physicists in the company. I work as a project leader and computational scientist. Moreover, my responsabilities include our infrastructure and the security of our server systems.
Skills and responsibilities
Italienisch und praktisch.

Carsten Aselmann

Developer / Physicist

My name is Carsten Aselmann. Amongst others, I develop the dotCube software using Qt, whereby I can make use of my knowledge as an experimental solid-state physicist. In addition, I am responsible for cross-platform programming and app development.
Skills and responsibilities
Your life is God’s project.

Falko Thaddey

Secretary / Office administrator

Hello, my name is Falko Thaddey and I am now the Secretary of HanWIS GmbH. I am responsible for general tasks like office organisation, accounting and administration. I am a skilled clerk and interested in economical processes.
Skills and responsibilities
Viel hilft viel.

Florin Kresse


I am a Developer for web-development and browser extensions. My apprenticeship also included learning more about server administration.
Skill and responsibilities
Bei der Macht von Grayscull.

Jörg Kaschkat

Developer / M.Sc. Informatics

I develop software for much longer than I dare to remember. Following the IT evolution, I have come a long way from BASIC and C, Java and Qt to modern languages like Swift (iOS-Apps).
Skills and responsibilities
Ein Schnitzel ist nie zu groß.

Maike Pfahl

Office Manager / M.Sc. Nutritional Science

Hello, my name is Maike Pfahl. I am an ecotrophologist and the Office Manager of HanWIS GmbH. My responsibilites include everything related to office organisation, accounting and Corporate Health Management.
Skills and responsibilities
Unmögliches sofort, Wunder dauern etwas länger.

Malcolm Einhellinger

General Project Manager / PhD Physics

Hello, my name is Malcolm Einhellinger. I am a physicist and developer, who is working in various programming languages - from PHP to Delphi, with databases, servers or microcontrollers. My responsabilities include (human) ressource planning and project management, but my core mission is to ensure constant innovation in our company.
Skills and responsibilities
What if? The acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force in our lives. We work to better ourselves and the rest of humanity.

Maria Bode

Media Designer for Sound and Vision

I am responsible for designs, layouts and graphical concepts. Of course, I use the "classic" tools, such as Photoshop, InDesign, AfterEffects & Co., but my work also allows me to indulge my passion for freehand drawing.
Skills and responsibilities
Designer sind Störenfriede.

Marvin Radke


I just recently started at HanWIS and currently I work on browser extensions.
Skills and responsibilities
Ganz neu hier...

Sandra Einhellinger

Managing Director / B.Sc. Computational Science

Hello, my name is Sandra Einhellinger. I am a computational scientist and the organisational head of HanWIS. After a couple of years working as a developer, I took over the management. Beside my work as a managing director, I also sometimes work as a project leader and consultant.
Skills and responsibilities
Laughter is sunshine, it chases winter from the human face. [V.Hugo]

Tjark Klett

Apprentice / Administrator

Hello dear reader, my name is Tjark Klett. I am the new apprentice at HanWIS GmbH. I have basic knowledge in mechanical engeneering. In my new job I will grow into the role of an administrator on the one hand and on the other hand I will gather some experience in app development.
Skills and responsibilities
With great forehead comes great responsibility.